There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ Thing That Causes Strife And Contention

We live in a world of ever-present strife, contention, and anger. Over 75% of all marriages endure strife and contention on a daily basis. Many jobs and careers are lost because of it. This pandemic increases every day, yet its antidote is ‘ONLY ONE’ thing. When recognizing and dealing with this one cause so ALL strife and contention will dissipate. Harmony, peace, and joy then becomes the new norm. Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and arrive at harmony, peace, and joy.

Why is my life filled with so much strife and contention? 

Many a person lives a life daily filled with strife, arguments, conflict, and contention.

Anxiety, high blood pressure, ill mental, emotional, and physical health are a direct consequence of strife and contention.

For such a person their marriages, families, relationships, places of employment, church attendance, road travels are filled with rage and contention around many a corner.

Financial lack and poverty are too often the result of strife and contention.

Many a person has built up an area of their lives after much effort only to lose it all overnight because of strife, contention, argument, anger, rage and even violence. Just one fleeting moment has served to break down years of endeavor.

It may interest you to know that there is ‘only one’ reason for strife and contention.

If I deal with this ‘one thing’ then contention, strife, conflict, rage, and arguments will cease. Consequentially good mental, emotional, and physical health; good marriages, families, and relationships, as well as financial prosperity become the order of my everyday life.

A life of peace, joy, and prosperity is a life devoid of strife and contention. To be at peace with oneself one needs to be devoid of contention.

Come; walk with me through the pages of this book and find out the ‘one thing’ that produces strife and contention. Let’s then deal with this ‘one thing’ and walk into a life of peace, joy, and prosperity in every area of our lives.

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