Many a parent finds parenting of children a huge challenge that sometimes comes with a lot of anxiety and heartache – This need not be the case. In fact, parenting is designed to have the very opposite result.

There are some key aspects that make parenting the great joy and blessing it is meant to be. When these are established, parenting becomes what God intended it to be – A great joy with a lasting heritage.

‘For Your Good’ Ministries trains extensively in the various areas, or contexts, of parenting.

Our founder, Abraham and his wife have a son who is 35 years old. He and his wife have blessed them with a grandson who is four years old. They too have a daughter who is 33 years old. She and her husband have blessed them with two grandsons who are seven and three years old respectively. Abraham and his wife too are the parents of two adopted orphan girls who are aged 17 and 14 years respectively.

Abraham’s order of great joy goes like this – He values his relationship with God first, his relationship with his wife of 38 years second, his children and grandchildren third, and the ministry fourth.

Abraham considers children as a great heritage from the Lord and accordingly trains and counsels into parenting regularly.

For Your Good’s training includes: –

  • Parenting in the married home.

  • The roles of husband and wife; IE Fathers and Mothers – Dad and Mom.

  • Parenting as a Single Parent; including jurisdictions of ‘rights’ and maintenance.

  • Blended Families – Making multiple parenting work.

  • Jurisdictions of authority/influence – Banks and boundaries.

  • What is love, and how do we love our children.

  • The roles or place of the Grand Parents.

  • Education of children – Schooling.

 To Note – Our books on parenting will be made available shortly.

For any enquiries regarding parenting, or regarding when our next Parenting Conference may be please complete this form and we will get back to you promptly. Our Conferences include In-Person as well as Online Zoom Conferences.
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