There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ sin That Keeps Me From Heaven or Sends Me To Hell

Many a Christian walks out their lives with a sin consciousness. They feel condemned and guilty before God and man daily; if not perpetually. Their ‘repenter’ is worn out and they spend much of their time trying to recollect if perhaps they may have missed one sin that is not under the blood. Consequently, they question their salvation and wonder if perhaps they may be going to hell. There is ‘ONLY ONE’ sin that keeps me from heaven! Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and settle the ‘ONE SIN’ issue.

The heaven and hell issue has been the topic of many a discussion. What does ‘it take’ to ensure one is going to heaven and not to hell. On the other hand, ‘can we be sure’ of whether one is going to heaven at all?

We consider the many sins in our lives; those inward and those external, those hidden in the deep recesses of our hearts and those now apparent to many for we have been ‘caught out.’

How can I be ‘born again’, how can I be considered righteous if there are sins in my life?

Many of us are filled with guilt and shame and wonder if our salvation is secure.

On the other hand, we consider ‘how good we are’ on a relative scale. If my good outweighs my bad, then I ‘think’ I might make it is the thought and consideration of some. If I am better than the next person or neighbor, then I should make it.

Then there’s ‘good deeds.’ If I do or contribute enough towards charitable deeds, then surely God will find favor with me and consider my entry into heaven.

For some it is up to the ‘father, pope or cardinal’ to determine who is a saint and who is not. They are God’s righteous judges yet, oh my, some of them have fallen into palpable and heinous sins themselves, so how can the unrighteous determine who is righteous?

Then there are those who do their level best to keep the ten commandments. If I can refrain from breaking any of the ‘big ten’ then I should be ok. This one however, falls flat when, or if, we note Jesus saying in the gospels that if we are guilty of breaking just one law, we become guilty of breaking all the laws. If that was not enough Jesus also said that even if I harbor the thought of one of the ‘big ten’ I am guilty of breaking that law. Ooops, we conclude, I must be going to hell if this is the case; the standard is just too high.

The good news is that scripture, through the very words that Jesus Himself spoke in the book of John, teaches us of just ‘one sin’ that keeps us out of heaven and/or sends us to hell. Deal with the ‘one sin’ and not only are you off to heaven but heaven has been sent off to you whilst you are still on earth. – As Jesus taught us to pray; “Thy Kingdom has come to earth ‘as it is’ in heaven.”

Not only that, but with this ‘one sin’ out of the way once and for all, I can enjoy an unbroken, intimate, personal, and sweet relationship with God here on earth and beyond.

Come; walk with me through this book and enjoy the resultant assurance of your heaven bound destination and the beginning of a sweet and most enjoyable relationship with God by dealing with this ‘one sin.’

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