Welcome to the Marriage and Family Course Graduation Test/Quiz

We have a HUGE Heart for Marriage and Family. ‘For Your Good’ Ministries teaches and trains into Marriage and Family extensively!

Our founder Abraham is the fathers father, the parents parent, and the marriage counsellors counsellor.

We train into the following areas/contexts: –

  • Pre- Marital – It is vital to be trained in Marriage before one gets married.

  • Struggling Marriages.

  • Failing Marriages.

  • Divorced persons.

  • Single Parenthood.

  • Maintenance privilege and responsibility.


  • Pre- Second Marriages.

  • Blended Marriages.

  • Raising Children.

  • Jurisdictions of authority.

  • In laws and parents post marriage.

  • Outside influences or interruptions.


We hold several in person and online training seminars/classrooms on a regular basis, and respond to in context/at your venue invite training sessions.

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