‘For Your Good’ Ministries – Let’s Partner together and change the world.

‘For Your Good’ Ministries has a heart for all the world; and all the people’s of the world – ‘Every nation, tribe, and tongue.’ 

For Your Good trains, teaches and equips into many sectors including the below amongst others: –

  • The training of Pastors, those in the 5 fold Ministry Gifts, and all Leaders in the body of Christ.
  • Training into the vital areas of Marriage, Family, and Parenting; including Fathering.
  • Training into the Educational and Business Sectors.
  • Training and teaching through our Bible Colleges.
  • Broadcasting  on Television and Radio Platforms.
  • The hosting of our own various Conferences – Being invited into the Conferences of others to train.
  • The development of various teaching Manuals and Resources – Including Books.
  • Podcasts and Social Media Platforms postings.

A note from Abraham our Founder to our Partners: 

We have a HUGE vision as a Ministry – To reach out to and impact the world!

Matthew 28v18-20 – “Go ye into ‘all’ the world.”

Our Vision – “To go into ALL the world to make disciples of ALL nations as the waters cover the sea”.

It is our Partners who make the vision possible. Without our most valued and appreciated Partners our vision would be unattainable. We’re a Team attaining our HUGE vision together!

May I take this opportunity of thanking and appreciating every one of our precious Partners all around the the world for making this vision possible – You are a deep blessing to both this Ministry and to me personally; I love, value, and appreciate, each one of you most dearly – You are and ever will remain a point of my/our daily prayer.

To those who are prayerfully considering partnering together with us, we say thank you, and to those who do decide to partner with us we say – “Welcome to the Team, thank you, let’s walk together and impact the world – God Bless you!”

Our HUGE love – Abraham and Team For Your Good Ministries International.

Partnership Options

We are both humbled and most grateful to have you partner with us – Welcome to Team For Your Good!!

Please kindly select from the Partnership options as below. 

Our banking details are as follows: – 

ABSA Bank,  Account number 4110939684Branch code 632005,  Cheque account.

( International Swift Code  ABSAZAJJ )

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