There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ Way To Prosper In All Things

Most every person on the planet desires to prosper and be in good health. Prosperity and good health top the list of any individual. Poverty and bad health in any shape or form is a HUGE restrictor and is the source of all the ailments and maladies known to man. It therefore is of primary importance to find out about the ‘ONE THING’ that is required to prosper in all areas of life. Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and arrive at prosperity and good health in all things.

We all desire to prosper in every single area of our lives, yet to be true most of us are not even prospering in just 1-2 areas of our lives. If we happen to be prospering in 1-2 areas of our lives this prosperity is coming at the cost and expense of so many other areas of our lives.

For many of us our intentions and efforts to prosper are not lacking. We try very hard, yet we are exasperated, burnt out, or have failed miserably despite all this effort.

It is said that the graveyards of mankind are filled with the persons of good intention, and that this intention is often coupled with hard effort. Yet most lie in these graves having ‘failed’.

We too hear of many a ‘fit’ athlete dying whilst they are practicing the very thing that made them so very ‘fit’. “How can this be we exclaim; the man was super-fit, what hope is there for me?”

Scripture clearly conveys that God deeply desires that we prosper in every single area of our lives; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, relationally, in our marriages, as families, as parents, as children, even as a nation, and in any and every other area of our lives!

God would be ‘unjust’ if He expressed His desire for us to prosper but did not tell or explain to us how we would arrive at it.

The good news is that God does tell and explain to us how we arrive at prosperity in every single area of our lives!

Come; walk with me through this book and learn as to how you can prosper in every area of your life.

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