There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ One Group Of People Jesus Had An ‘Issue’ With And It Was ‘Not’ The Sinner

Jesus does not only practice love; love is not one of the attributes Jesus has. Jesus is LOVE. Jesus had an issue with ‘ONLY ONE’ Group of people and it was because He loved them. This group of people were NOT the sinners. So ‘many’ churches and people have issues with the very people Jesus did not have an issue with; IE the sinner. Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and find out that you are most likely NOT the person Jesus an issue with you.

The vast majority of ‘sinning people’  think that God has an issue with them, yet God has absolutely ‘no’ issue with them.

When Jesus came to the planet, He had an ‘issue’ with only ‘one group’ of people, and it was not the sinner!

There was a group of people that Jesus was straight forward with. To this group we see Jesus being ‘harsh and even condemning.’ To this group Jesus ‘pulled no punches.’

The irony of this is that those Jesus ‘had an issue’ with are those who think that Jesus ‘has no issue’ with them; and those who think Jesus ‘has an issue with them’ are those that Jesus ‘has no issue’ with! 

The ‘issue’ is back to front; IE it is exactly the opposite way around!

It therefore becomes very important to sort the ‘issue’ out as too many people believe Jesus has an issue with them when he clearly does not.

Come; walk through this book with me and find out that Jesus ‘has no issue’ with you oh sinner. Through this book you will find out that Jesus was a friend of ‘sinners’ and was the enemy of ‘this group’ He had an ‘issue’ with.

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