There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ Thing The devil Is After

Many Christians live their Christian lives looking to block all the many doors they may ‘leave open to the devil’ yet there is ‘ONLY ONE’ thing the devil is after. Should you stop him from stealing this ‘ONE THING’ he has NO access into your life!

The devil is really not the force many give him credit for; Jesus sorted him out! Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and find the one thing the devil is after and stop him from taking it. In doing so you will deny him of any access into your life.

It is the experience of most of us to attempt to plug the many, many holes that the devil seems to be entering our lives through.

We have a list of these that reaches to our very elbows and our hands are trying their level best to work ourselves free of all of these.

We conclude ‘the devil is after my marriage, my child, my health, my finances; my very sanity.’ This may alarm you, but the enemy is not after these! These are the result of the ‘one thing’ he is after; the result of the ‘one thing’ he has stolen from you! If he gets hold of the ‘one thing’ he is after he knows it will result in the loss of all things!

We engage in ‘spiritual warfare’; we raise the volume and aggression of our prayers thinking we will shout and bully the devil into submission. We then have lengthy times of prayer and fasting to attempt ‘to break’ the hold the enemy has over us in many areas of our lives. We then build our prayer chains believing that by our accumulative mass of prayer we will bring the enemy into submission and in so doing we will be ‘set free’.

In some church quarters we even have weekly ‘casting out of demons’ services. We ‘cast the same demon’ out each week, yet this ‘demon’ comes back before the start of our next weeks ‘casting out of demons’ meeting and we ‘cast him out again.’ (This ‘demon’ just does not seem to listen.)

We then have ‘confession of all our sins meetings’; and if anything, the devil is more rampant after these meetings and we are left feeling guilty, condemned, confused, and beaten.

This ‘merry-go-round’ of endeavors and activities has left us exasperated, exhausted, and defeated!

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we find that we must conclude that ‘nothing has changed’ through all these attempts to bring about our trusted break-through. It seems the devil is victorious and maybe ‘more powerful’ than the God we serve; after all it seems he is reigning in multiplied areas of our lives. Our marriages are in tatters, our children are rebelling and falling into adverse predicaments, our health is being impacted; our very sanity lies on the brink of collapse, and we feel there is no hope.

Perhaps this ‘Christianity stuff’ does not work becomes our next level of thought. Perhaps we have been deceived, is our thought, for myriads of Christians are being ‘beaten up’ by this devil daily!

All the situations above are the ‘product’ of the ‘one thing’ the devil has been successful in! There is ‘only one thing’ the devil as after. If he gets this ‘one thing’ he will get all the rest. This one thing is his gateway to all things.

By preventing him getting this ‘one thing’ we stop him getting anything! Cut it off at the root and there can be no fruit!

Come, walk with me through this book as I introduce to you by way of scripture this ‘one thing’ the devil is after! Be ready for your sustainable break-through by being set free once and for all!

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