There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ Way To Move On From Your Past

It is said that most people do not prosper because of their past. Are your past challenges, deep hurts and wounds, struggles, and failures holding you back? There is ‘ONE WAY’ to move on from these. Reading this book will both set you free and enable you to not only move on from your past, but also to thrive into your future! Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and secure a prosperous future.

It is said that most people either never move on from their past or are substantially impeded by their past. It is also said that most people are the product of their progressive hurts and failures and so become more and more debilitated as life progresses.

For most all of us we are wounded people trying to find our way forward in life.

We have taken these wounds into most areas of our lives, and they have affected us in multiple ways. Our mental, emotional, and physical health has been impacted. Our relationships, including our marriages, our ability to parent, have been impacted by these wounds and hurts of our past.

In most all cases our very character, our personalities, and our confidence levels and abilities have been substantially impacted by these wounds and hurts that come from our past.

Our very careers, our jobs, our businesses, and finances have too been impacted by these.

We have developed escape mechanisms and become addicted to vices to either avoid or numb these deep hurts.

For many of us have an inbred anxiety and fear has become the resultant of these.

For most of us we have unwittingly adopted a fight or flight strategy to repel or avert giving attention to our hurts and wounds.

In that this is a pandemic of huge proportions and consequences it becomes of primary importance that we find out and get to know what the solution is!

3 John 2 conveys the heart of God for all of us as mankind. If God shows us His heart’s desire, He too shows us how we can attain His heart’s desire. God never conveys the impossible, He always conveys the possible.

Come walk with me through the pages and find that There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ way to move on from your painful past.

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