There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ Thing That Will Strengthen Your ‘Sin’

Many Christians are fighting with and losing to sin daily. It is almost as if the more they try to overcome sin the more they succumb to it. There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ thing that STRENGTHENS sin and it’s possible that you are practicing it if you cannot overcome sin. Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and ‘deal’ with the ‘ONLY ONE’ thing that strengthens sin and begin to walk a life of victory over sin.

For many people, their sin is a huge challenge in their lives. They struggle with sin and am in much pain and are suffering because of their sin.

The more such person’s desire and attempt to deal with their sins the more they find that matters get worse; in fact, their sins multiply and so the pain and suffering is ramped up.

We have destroyed lives, broken marriages, and families, hurting children, destroyed relationships, failed businesses, lost jobs, lost health, frayed and fragile emotions, mental instability, low esteem, in-crept fears and anxieties, depression, self-inflicting ailments, addictions, consequential sicknesses, heartache, and a range of adverse effects that have befallen us because of these sins.

Over and over, we try again and again to overcome these sins, but it seems that we are strengthening the very area of our sin again and again. We say; “Not again, this is the last time” and yet in a week or three later we find ourselves back in the same position all over again. This roller coaster has caused us to lose all traction, direction; we have lost purpose, a zest for life, and in many instances have been reduced to a heap of chaff.

We feel defeated, guilty, self-condemned. We consider ourselves impotent to deal with these sins and conclude we are beaten, we cannot, we are failures; our lot in life has been cast.

Well intended ‘and/or other’, persons have exhorted us with ‘very poor advice’ to deal with this sin. Just stop it they say; can you not see this is destroying your life, you are hurting, and you are hurting so many others; what is wrong with you? Just discipline yourself and try harder!

What a relief to know that there is ‘only one thing’ that will and is strengthening our sin! – Just ‘one thing.’ By avoiding this ‘one thing’ and embracing just one other thing your freedom and success over this bondage of sin is a given!

Come; walk with me through this book, find the one thing ‘that you are doing’ that is strengthening this sin and then avoid it like the plague and curse it is. Your resultant testimony of victory, healing, restoration, and reconciliation, awaits you on the other side of this book.

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