There’s ‘ONLY ONE’ Weapon That The devil Can Use Against Me

Many believe the devil has a vast arsenal of weapons that he lines up against us and fires away with. Scripture teaches that the devil has ‘ONLY ONE’ Weapon. When we disarm him of his one weapon, we render him powerless in our lives. From this point onwards we walk out our lives in victory and freedom. Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and let’s disarm the devil of the one weapon he has and therefrom embrace our impending victory.

The devil has been given far more credit than is biblically due him. Many believe that he has a vast array of weaponry in his arsenal and that he can use these against the Christians almost at his will.

Some see a demon or the devil behind every bush and live their Christian lives with an inordinate focus on the devil. These wonder when and how his next attack is coming. They ‘credit’ the devil with all the evil happening in their lives. 

Many have a fear of the devil and see him as powerful foe who frequently renders them defeated.

The bible teaches that the devil has ‘only one’ weapon that he uses against the Christian and that Jesus has disarmed the devil of that very weapon! Regrettably, many a Christian has ‘re-armed’ the devil with the very weapon Jesus took from him.

Come, walk with me through the pages of this book and find out about the one weapon the devil had and how to ensure you never re-arm him of it. His weapon is a deadly one, and regrettably many Christians are being maimed daily by it for they have unwittingly re-armed him with it.

Allow this book to ensure that you never ‘re-arm’ the devil of a weapon that Jesus stripped him of!

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