When is the best time to go to the Word? = “In the Beginning”: –

John 1v1-1

1 In the beginning ‘was the Word’, and raising the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Imagine how many marriages, the of children, choices of career, lost jobs, business failures, relational breakdowns, would have been avoided if we consulted with the Word before we embarked on any of the aforementioned.

Conversely, how many elongated challenging situations would be solved if we went to the Word right now to find our solution to the problem.

Jeremiah 1v12b says that “God is watching over His Word to perform it”. This word perform means – to fulfil the Word; bring it into existence; bring it to pass; bring it into manifestation; fulfil or realise its promise.

There is only one ‘sure thing’ on the planet, in our lives, today, and it is the Word of God. As we find the scripture/s that relate to a new season we are going into; or, as we find these same scriptures in the areas we are battling in, so we have found our guaranteed solution. When we apply these scriptures by faith; IE by a corresponding application, so the all-powerful Word goes to work on our behalf and God ‘takes responsibility’ to watch over His Word and fulfil it.

I’ve had the privilege of taking hundreds of weddings over the years. I too have counselled into hundreds of marital breakdown situations. Whenever I start training or counselling into marriage I always say – “If both of you as spouses will agree to adopt the Word of God regarding marriage then I can guarantee you that your marriage will work out; the Word has never failed.”

Go to the Word in the beginning of any new venture and/or at the beginning of any challenging or breakdown situation you may be in. Apply that Word by Faith and watch God ‘watch over it’ and bring it to pass!


God bless, our fond love to you, yours, and all those dear to you –

Abraham, and all of ‘For Your Good’ Ministries.


When is the best time to go to the Word? In the Beginning
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